Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders Should Have Positive Outlook Despite Loss

Raiders fans were likely encouraged by the team's first half performance against their rivals across the bay—the San Francisco 49ers—on October 17. The Oakland Raiders' defense held the 49ers to a single field goal in the first 30 minutes.

After halftime, everything changed. It was almost as if the Oakland Raiders have a bipolar personality. In the first half of the game, they were fighting hard. During the second half, they seemed to fall apart.

It was just too much when Jason Campbell threw an accurate pass that hit the chest and bounced off the receiver whose hands just could not hold on to the ball. That was such a painful sight to see.

Where do the Oakland Raiders go from here? Up, where else?

Breaking patterns is somewhat like breaking old habits or addictions. It ain't easy but it can be done.

Last week, the Raiders snapped their 13 game losing streak against AFC West rivals the San Diego Chargers. Today, they extended their streak without consecutive wins and allowed the 49ers to break a pattern of their own.

San Francisco had lost five consecutive games to start the 2010 season. Letting an 0-5 team defeat you is a big letdown. Now, many fans question the consistency of the Oakland Raiders.

Nevertheless, the Raider Nation cannot give up on the Oakland Raiders. Would you give up on a child with special abilities? I hope not.

Would you give up on a team that is loaded with talent but has not figured out how to work together and win on a consistent basis?

The old folks say that quitters never win and winners never quit. Don't quit believing in the Oakland Raiders. We have to continue to believe in this talented team. Do you agree?


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