Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders’ Scrubs Fall to 49ers on Late Drive

If an injury was to ever put a damper on a hometown crowd, Oakland's injury to Jason Campbell was a bit one.

In the second quarter, Oakland's offensive line let through a linemen, causing another sack for Campbell, but this one caused Jason to be on the ground for five minutes.

As it was, the report from the locker room was a stinger, not nearly as scary as the hit that took Rich Gannon from us...but equally disturbing.

Here was the player that was meant to lead the team out of the doldrums...out of the game, about a quarter early.

As it was, his replacement didn't do badly, though. Bruce Gradkowski gave the Raiders two touchdowns, one on a 74-yard strike to Louis Murphy, and the second to a fighting Zach Miller who dragged a player into the end zone to score, putting the Raiders up by four.

The lead was not to last, as the 49ers cut that to one, then after Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 57 yarder, Oakland's scrubs let the 49ers go down the field, taking the lead on a questionable touchdown on a goal line rush.

Oakland's last chance, as time was running down saw Oakland get downfield to try for a go ahead touchdown, ran out as Todd Watkins failed to catch the last pass and the ball fell incomplete.

Issues that were highlighted in this game, was a lack of continuity in the offensive line, a problem with receivers making steady catches and stopping the run.

The first issue, was a problem off and on, as sacks were given up, penalties for bad plays and the lack of time for the quarterback to get a player deep for a pass, all hurt the team. Erik Pears....you need to go, quickly.

The second issue, the receivers issue, can be fixed in time, Louis Murphy had one nice catch and the next one hit the guy in the hands. Everyone had issues, be it Darrius Heyward-Bey or Jacoby Ford late in the game. Bey did have a nice recovery for a 17-yard catch that kept a drive alive, bu...

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