Jason Campbell: Making Raider Nation Forget About JaMarcus Russell?

It is widely assumed that new Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell is a much needed upgrade than the draft bust that was JaMarcus Russell.

It is clear from both mainstream media and Oakland Raider fans alike, that if Russell were to stay with the Silver and Black, the team and franchise would continue to plummet. Luckily, the Oakland Raider franchise has come to this realization as well, cutting ties with the disappointing quarterback.

Now it seems to be a new vibe with Jason Campbell that is being felt with the team, and has the fan base smiling once again.

About a week ago, it was being reported that Campbell was working out with the indecisive Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. Now as the mainstream media strictly focused on Favre's intentions on returning to the NFL, Raider fans rejoiced in hearing about Campbell's work habits.

Many B/R authors mentioned Campbell's off-season activity in their articles—explaining how refreshing it is to have an Oakland quarterback taking pride in his craft. Though, this news would soon be over shadowed by a more negative message.

Just a few days later former Raider quarterback JaMarcus Russell was arrested for possession of Codeine Syrup—the main ingredient for a popular "Hip-Hop" drink known as "Purple Drank." It's a very dangerous drink that causes the mind to have a strong side effect of lethargy. A characteristic common of Russell's reputation that often brought criticism.

Instantly, Campbell's good work ethic was tainted by Russell's bad habits. Though, Raider fans still realize that Campbell is helping to bring a changing a culture in Oakland.

Though current players have not personally jabbed JaMarcus Russell, their comments leave little doubt that he was holding back the team, and that they are displaying faith in Russell's replacement.

Imagine, if the Raiders hadn't traded for Campbell and decided t...

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