Jason Campbell: How Redskin Trash Is Raider Treasure

Former first-round quarterback Jason Campbell has been welcomed with open arms in Raider Nation. This came after he was made the scape goat for Washington woes on offense. They did have a top 10 defense in 2009. 

Who else could they blame?

Washington has since started to build the offense around McNabb instead of Campbell.

Raider fans have to be thankful for that! There is a plenthora of reasons why!



Raider fans would have taken his 3,618 yards passing last year. That was more than what we passed for as a team last year.

There was also a place for his 20 touchdowns. That's double the touchdowns that Raiders threw for in 2009. The Raider offense only had 17 total touchdowns on in 2009.

Campbell threw for 207 first downs to the Raiders' 131 first downs passing. The Raider defense could have used the rest last year.

It also helps that hostile territory doesn't bother Campbell. His quarterback rating of 92 on the road last year suggests just that.

The Raiders could have still been in the game when down 14 points last year. Campbell had a quarterback rating 112 with five of his 20 touchdowns coming when behind by such a margin. 

Here is my statistical deal sealer. Campbell threw 18 redzone touchdown passes with no interceptions. The Raiders might have beaten the Ravens last year had Jamarcus Russell not thrown a redzone interception.


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