Jason Campbell Haters: He’s the Future of the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders had by far their best offseason in years.

Let's take a look at what they've done:

Let Cornell Green walk.

Released JaMarcus Russell.

Had arguably the best draft this year.

Acquired quarterback Jason Campbell for a mere 2012 fourth round selection.

In my opinion, the latter of these was the most important.

While I was a Russell supporter, I had been screaming for Jason Campbell for a year and a half now.

We finally got him.

The question is, is he the future for the Raiders?

Some think not. They say he's not good enough.

Others argue he has tremendous talent and size to succeed in the NFL and got a bad wrap in Washington.

I'm writing this article to prove that Campbell is the future for the Raiders.

I like Jason Campbell as a quarterback. He has a strong arm and is 6'5", 230 pounds. No, not 330.

Fans of the NFL say his stats were average at best. However, I disagree with that. Each year, Jason has improved in nearly every category. His passer rating was 86.4 in 2009.

That is a huge upgrade over every single quarterback on Oakland's roster. The surprising thing is that he was in the wrong offense in Washington. Here in Oakland, he fits in as a strong-armed quarterback who can roll out in play action.

In Washington, it was strictly a West-Coast offense.

Jason is only 28. Now that may concern a few Raider fans, let's not forget Brett Favre is 40. Campbell is entering his prime right now. He gives us about 8 years of good football.

Seriously, would you want the 33-year-old McNabb for a first round pick or the 28-year-old Campbell for a fourth rounder. If you had any football smarts, you would pick Campbell.

Jason is already reportedly gelling with receivers and has a strong relationship with Hue Jackson.

Add that wi...

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