Jason Campbell and the Oakland Raiders: Why 9-7 Will Do

This is going to be a very short and simple article.

With all due respect to the other Bleacher Report writers that have presented good points, I contend that all Jason Campbell will have to do is get the 5-11 Raiders to a 9-7 record in 2010, and everything will be fine.

The past two years, a 9-7 record has been good enough to make the playoffs, and in '08 the Chargers made it with a record of 8-8. There is no need for him to throw for 4,000+ yards with a 105 QB rating.

While I hate the term "game manager" that gets bandied about today; this is exactly what he needs to do. Take care of the ball, throw it away instead of fumbling or throwing an interception, keep the opponent's defense guessing a little, win the field position war (give his defense a chance), and good things will happen.

There are enough pieces in enough places that the responsibility for saving the universe doesn't fall directly on his shoulders. Just work hard and don't shoot the team in the foot.

Good things will happen.

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