Jason Campbell and the Oakland Raiders Are Primed To Take the AFC West

When Winston Churchill wrote, “there is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction,” it’s within reason that he was prophesying about the Oakland Raiders making a trade for Jason Campbell and releasing Jamarcus Russell this summer.

The Jamarcus Russell Era in Oakland, like ancient Greek Tragedies, collapsed in a whirlwind of disenchantment. But like all tragedies, there is a silver lining and a resurrection, which came in the form of wise internal restructuring-- the byproduct of trial and error. This off season, the Raiders more than any other AFC West organization, have taken the proverbial leap towards progression. Gone are the days when a sub-4.3 forty yard dash, alone, is the criteria for drafting a player in the top ten of the NFL Draft. The new look Raiders don a new quarterback in Jason Campbell, a new Offensive Coordinator in Hue Jackson, and a cabal of hungry talented rookies led by middle linebacker Rolando McClain and defensive tackle Lamarr Houston. The two new defensive additions are both experts in the art of stopping the run, which was the greatest defensive deficiency of the Raiders last season.

Away with an offensive leader, Russell, who displayed less discipline, less maturity, and exuded less motivation than a common three-toed sloth. In return, the Raider’s brought in an experienced, disciplined young gun, Jason Campbell, who was groomed by a father who coached high school football, and a guy who works with future Hall of Famer Brett Favre in the off-season. Campbell’s professional career thus far, despite playing for arguably the worst ran NFL franchise over the past decade, reads like the tale of the flower that emerged from beneath the concrete slab. Albeit, Campbell has not made a Pro Bowl or led his former team into the playoffs, he has consistently improved every year, despite the continual decline of the Redskin organization under the tutelage of Dan Snyder and th...

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