JaMarcus Russell’s Troubles Are Developing: Have His Feet Slipped?

Attention! Get JaMarcus Russell some help now before his life becomes a complete tragedy.

When Russell was with the Oakland Raiders, there was a type of lethargy and non-responsiveness about him. Should he have been looked at closely for deeper problems? I think so.

Granted, the transition from celebrated No. 1 draft pick to a media blitz tagging him as one of the worst of the No. 1 busts in the history of the NFL is not easy to digest.

The signs of needing help are evident. For those who are in the position to talk to the people close to him, please get this man some help.

It's likely this big man is so overwhelmed about the loss of his position that he may have attempted to "self-medicate." Too proud, no doubt, to admit he is suffering and simply floating through the day, while drowning in his own thoughts and insecurities about his next move in his professional football career.

One article said that the Raiders are the cause of his demise. I cannot say yay or nay to those claims. 

It is too complicated for the fans to discern; but one thing is certain, Russell is heading toward a slippery slope.

Think about how you felt when you got laid off. Now, put yourself in Russell's big shoes and tell me how do you think he feels since he has been laid off and the media continues to tell and re-tell his story?

Their perceptions seem to be with little or no evidence of what is really going on in Russell's life and in his head.

I look at it like this: If Russell is depressed, why didn't he humble himself and go to a doctor and get some prescribed medication for depression or anxiety? These days, a lot of people cannot cope with sudden changes or transitions in their lives. Swallow your pride, Russell and family, and go get some help!

Do you get the point?

Postlude: Psalm 73:2 says,  "But as for me, my fe...

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