JaMarcus Russell will Succeed Elsewhere…But It Won’t Be in an NFL Uniform

After being cut yesterday, it looks like JaMarcus Russell will never succeed in an NFL uniform.

The reasons why?  Aside from the obvious, I'd like to address a few things that I've heard from fans of the Oakland Raiders and those that despise the Oakland Raiders.

1.  "It's not all JaMarcus Russell's fault"

Really?  Explain to me how it's not all his fault?  Was it that he did not have good coaches surrounding him and trying to teach him the game?  Did he have to change offenses a couple of times and learn new formations, plays and other areas of the game?  Yes.  But who hasn't?  Why is it that other quarterbacks in the league will have those things happen and more yet you see them putting up, at the very least, decent numbers?  Example?

2.  "He's not lazy, he's just laid back"

No.  He is lazy.  Former Raider's center Jeremy Newberry said the following: "He looked like a lineman—he was way out of shape. He would walk from drill to drill at practice." 

Former Raider Running Back Dominic Rhodes verified that Russell fell asleep in meetings and would sometimes take breaks from meetings altogether, forget to come back and need to be fetched by the staff.  So lazy would be an understatement.  This guy was a sloth with no pride and was there for one thing, the money.

3.  "Put him on a good team with players and I bet he becomes a star"

Let's think about this for a minute.  What would make anyone think that?  His ability to sit on his butt and throw a pass 50 yards?  The fact that he can throw the ball 80 yards standing up?  Aside from that his abilities are few.  He almost always had issues with accuracy, ball security, poise in the pocket, reading defenses and practically every other thing that a NFL quarterback needs to succeed. 

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