JaMarcus Russell: What Happens In Ve…Ah Screw It, You Know What Was Coming!

So JaMarcus Russell thought he was above the team. He went to Vegas, and missed the team meetings. Well, this is a step in a positive direction. I kinda sorta believe the load of crap (keeping it clean for the children) I just said.

Look, he needs to start acting like a real athlete. A real athlete has to make at least 9.35 million a year. He needs to focus on making headlines consistently. Screw football. He's not gonna get any better. To keep being in the headlines he's gonna need to do things like going to Vegas without permission, kissing yourself in the mirror, and going half-naked in a magazine cover.

But there's a big difference with A-Rod and Tiger.  See, they make headlines without even trying to. That's when you know you've reached the epitome of sports.

So JaMarcus, focus on controversy this offseason. Start off small, like "JaMarcus Russell Changes Last Name", then go medium "JaMarcus Russell Locks Himself Inside of A Closet" then to downright wrong "JaMarcus Russell Runs 40 Time Without Shirt".

I believe he can do these things with the right guidance. Good luck, JaMarcus! I hope everything worked out for you and Chuck (just a guess he was there) in Vegas.

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