JaMarcus Russell: Turning into a Top 5 Quarterback?

So you bought it. You thought the title was ridiculous just like me. And it was. But can he be in the future? No. You gotta stop falling for it.

Anyway let me get to the point. JaMarcus Russell looked good out there. He was playing well. Until he threw an interception, and lost a fumble. This was the conversation Cable and Russell had when he got back to the sidelines.

Tom Cable : What the hell were you seeing out there 'Marcus?

JaMarcus Russel l: I swear he was wide open.

TC : The problem was that he was wide open 3 seconds before you threw it. Do you realize that he has to be open the moment you throw the ball?

JR : Uhhh.

TC : We talked about this 'Marcus. Stop sucking. It's not good for your career, or mine.

JR : What are you going to do about it? You gonna punch me like you did to Hanson and the other chicks? Because it ain't gonna work. See, I eat burgers just like you do. We the same body type.

TC : Which is exactly the problem. You are the Quarterback! The damn Quarterback! But we can have this conversation later. Let's not make a scene. You need to go back out there and suck less.

JR : But I don't want to go back out there. They don't like me very much. The defense scares me. Can't you take me out?

TC : I would if I could 'Marcus. I would if I could...

So that is what transpired after JaMarcus Russell's interception. And you call Cable a bad coach. "Stop sucking." I think everybody would say that including the defense. They have feelings too, you know. You think they like it when they have to pick off Russell without even trying? Well, they don't.

So, JaMarcus, on behalf of Raider Nation, could you stop sucking?

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