JaMarcus Russell Remains Dazed and Confused About His NFL Return

In a modern day society, where short-term memories are prevalent, JaMarcus Russell walks around each day with the "bust" label on him like a permanent tattoo. 

"Biggest NFL Bust Ever" is probably used a lot more than he realizes, even if it is unfair and living in the moment way too much. History shows us that there are many players drafted first overall, like Russell was in 2007, who did not have the career many had anticipated. 

While Russell carries the term of biggest bust now, relieving Ryan Leaf of that title, it mainly comes from the fact that he held out for more money before ever playing a down professionally. He got $61 million with $32 million guaranteed, then proceeded to win just seven of his 25 career starts. 

Those unaware, or unconcerned, with NFL history, fail to realize his seven wins actually exceeds many other former first overall picks, in terms of career production. Russell, however, walks around with the label and unemployed. 

He was given the label of drug addict too, thanks to a concoction called "Purple Drink". He was caught in possession of an elixir that contained the narcotic codeine, when the police raided his home over the summer. Though a friend of his took responsibility for making the drink, the damage was done. 

Russell is now under the tutelage of former NBA player John Lucas, whose own professional career was derailed by drugs until he sobered up. Lucas has gone on to have success as an NBA coach, yet he still tries to help others kick substance abuse addictions. 

While working out under the watch of Lucas, Russell went on record saying he would never play for the Arena Football League or Canadian Football League. Calling Lucas an angel sent by God, he also said,"Guys in the NFL that came back had some things more serious (than his situation). I think that's a minor setback." 

Lucas, who was the first p...

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