Jamarcus Russell Must Go to UFL

Jamarcus Russell was cut by the Oakland Raiders for having a lack of effort and no one has signed him yet.

Where should Jamarcus Russell go?

One place that could revive his young, but bad career, is the UFL.

For example J.P. Losman went to the UFL for one year and did very good. Weeks after the UFL season was over the Oakland Raiders signed him.

UFL could do Russell wonders. He could actually be an accurate quarterback and he can develop for a year or two for work ethic.

Jamarcus Russell should go to the UFL over the NFL. He would start in the UFL and if he does well, he might get signed by an NFL team.

Jamarcus Russell should be starting in the NFL right now. If it weren't for him going into a bad situation in Oakland and actually having a work ethic, Russell could be in the NFL.

The UFL has great coaches that could get Jamarcus in NFL shape. Dennis Green, head coach of the Sacramento Mountain Lions would be the best coach for Jamarcus Russell in the UFL.

This is how it's going to play out for Jamarcus Russell. Russell will go to the UFL and sign with the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

If Russell does go to Sacramento he will still be in California, where he use to play for the Oakland Raiders. Also, Dennis Green would make Jamarus Russell a better quarterback.

Jamarcus Russell should go to the UFL and play for the Sacramento Mountain Lions. They have a great coach, it will make him a better quarterback, and he will eventually be in the NFL again.

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