JaMarcus Russell: Lazy, in a Daze, or a Little Crazy?

The Last Call—A Wake-Up Call

Are there signs of progress in the career of JaMarcus Russell? Is he dazzled by the fortune he has received? Does he realize the risks he is taking if he does not come up to par in performance on the playing field in 2010?

Does he realize that even Al Davis may "boot his butt off the team" if he does not get in the game and act like he wants to win games for the Oakland Raiders?

Somebody said that "crazy" is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Will Russell continue to take risks and end up a bust in 2010?

Doesn't he realize that many young quarterbacks would love to have his job? They are lined up, standing near the door of opportunity, waiting for Davis to open it just for them.

There was a time someone I knew had an anger management problem. Most of those around him did not see the problem. They made excuses for his behavior. Eventually a young realtor told his mother that he needed "talk therapy."

The mother listened, and the young man is functioning better.

Well, if Russell continues to perform below standard, although everyone believes he has the intelligence and the physicality to be a great quarterback, somebody is going to think he is "a little crazy" to "blow off" such a great opportunity to be the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders. He, too, may need "talk therapy" to learn how to get alignment between potential and performance in his career.

Better yet, fans in the Raider Nation are going to be considered "a little crazy" for supporting someone who does not or cannot produce the results the Oakland Raiders need to pull out of the slump in 2010.

Folks can do all of the mock drafts they want. The team can be manned with the best in each and every position, but unless the Raiders have a functioning, smart ...

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