JaMarcus Russell Is a Laughable Bust As Raiders Are Mired in Disarray

The common word, of course, is 'bust'. And the simplest way to describe the Oakland Raiders is a worthless, pathetic, chaotic franchise mired in disarray. If there was ever a proper time to bash an enigmatic front office that has made some of the dumbest blunders as far as draft picks goes, now marks a suitable time to critique the Raiders' draft selection.

His name, of course, is JaMarcus Russell, the No. 1 overall draftee in the 2007 NFL Draft. It’s always a risk to venture and trust in an athletic prospect, a usual trend ruining the Raiders rebuilding projects and wrecking self-motivation.

Nowadays, the Raiders are committing suicide with all the terrible mistakes. And nowadays, it’s almost laughable whenever a disoriented organization is discredited or obligated to mockery. Each season has been a downgrade with all the turmoil surrounding the dysfunctional Raiders.

The result of late is that Russell is an unproven quarterback who failed to confirm his potential as possibly the next solid franchise superstar to remove Oakland from the hellish age of collapses and struggles. The man running an esoteric business, Al Davis, gambled and cost his organization millions by trusting in Russell.

Whether he was desperate or allured by his exceptional passing game during his collegiate career or aroused of his intelligence and throwing strength, Russell was never the solution to the Raiders' breakdowns. It’s obvious that the Raiders are run by a confounded owner unsure of which direction he’s willing to take his futile team. 

In other words, it will be until next decade or never that Oakland tosses out misery and dismiss futility. According to reports, the Raiders could be on verge of releasing Russell, a disappointing athlete and probably the most notable bust since Ryan Leaf.

It’s very pathetic and overwhelming that he’s the prototype of rookie salaries amiss, ...

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