JaMarcus Russell: Former No.1 Pick Headed Down Dark Trail

Bigger bust than Ryan Leaf, cut from the Raiders, skipping team meetings to go to Vegas and now arrested for possession of codeine. These are some of the career low-lights for former No. 1 overall pick and Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell. 

JaMarcus Russell who was arrested on July 5th, 2010 in an undercover investigation for possession of a controlled substance (codeine) has seen more dark days than bright nights in a short lived NFL career. 

The Oakland Raiders are a respectable franchise, once led by John Madden, they have struggled lately and most of that is due to their Black Hole (and its not the fan section) as we all know as JaMarcus Russell. 

The former LSU quarterback came in highly praised by Raiders' owner Al Davis, and was selected No. 1 overall in the 2007 NFL draft. Since JaMarcus was taken in 2007 the Raiders have won a combined 14 out of 48 games. While jokes are easy to make about Russell, he hasn't done anything to prove the critics wrong. 

Almost every season since he's been in the league JaMarcus has reported to Training Camp overweight, and that's when the jokes start that he would be better fitted on the offensive line begin. 

Then there's the stats; we all love stats except the people who had to track JaMarcus' stats. The kid who came out of LSU and was said to have a cannon for an arm, has shown that his cannon can only benefit other teams. While some may say that this article is too harsh on JaMarcus, there's something to be said for a player who was picked No. 1 overall and has more career interceptions (23) and fumbles (22) than he does touchdowns (18). 

JaMarcus has put the Raiders in a bad state money wise, while their foolish pick clearly only wants to spend that money on the "Purple Drank." The good news for Raiders fans came in early May when the Raiders released Russell after acquiring Jason Campbell from the Washington...

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