JaMarcus Russell: 2010 and Beyond

Of late, everyone has an opinion on whether or not Al Davis will cut JaMarcus from the Silver & Black.

If he is cut by Al, will he ever be back in the NFL? I for one, am not of the opinion Jamarcus deserves another opportunity to play in the NFL. So these are my visions of where The Greatest Draft Bust of all time will possibly land in the year 2010.

His life after football.  

1. I think JaMarcus goes Hollywood.. Just think the McDonald's corporation brings back Ronald McDonald's friends. JaMarcus comes in and picks up the purple costume, and tells Ronald I don't need the costume, just some make up like you Ronald. They paint JaMarcus purple...and presto Grimace is back!

To make this even better JaMarcus holds out for half of the first year of shooting, and comes in when his agent gets JaMarcus a contract for 90 million Big Mac's.

2. The WWE; Vince starts a wrestlers from the past theme. I mean do wrestlers ever really retire? Look at Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan and you will know that answer.

So Vince brings in JaMarcus as Kamala 2010. They give him the leopard print shorts, add some face paint, paint a couple stars on his chest and a moon on his belly, and you have Kamala "The Ugandan Giant," nickname later to be change to Kamala "The Raider Nation Nightmare."

Even JaMarcus's agent Ethane Lock gets into the gimmick as he serves as his wrestling manager, and gets his client the largest Per Diem food allowance of all time.

3. JaMarcus is the new spokesmen, knocking off Bay legend Hammer for the Cash For Gold commercials. He does a commercial of trading his famous bling for seconds at the Golden Corral. Sadly for JaMarcus, his agent is not involved in this deal. Much like the Raider playbook, JaMarcus does not read the sign which reads all you can eat.

4. JaMarcus takes his leftover millions, and invests the money in his favorite product...

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