JaMarcus 1, Dummies 0

You know who you are. 

You are the people ESPN has written about:

You're the same people who bash Al Davis and our proud organization.

You think that you are funny with the cheap insults and put-downs.  You poke fun at JaMarcus' intellect to make yourself feel superior.

You are the spoiled brat-biased reporter who every chance he or she gets does their best to belittle the Raiders.  Many of you are not happy that you don't have the type of access to the Raiders like you do the 49ers or other teams.  You don't like the Raiders and despise our blue-collar fans. 

You are rooting against JaMarcus because you want to prove that you were right all along—shameful!

You are the KNBR, the ESPN, the SF CRON, the Oakland Tribune, or the B/R blogger who
wants so badly for JaMarcus to fail.  Many of you hate Davis and the Raiders and want to be able say that Davis picked the all-time bust. 

The B/R identities are well documented, just search for JaWalrus, JaFatass, and other
moronic insults like that.  You have no mind of your own so you repeat the mainstream BS.  Outside B/R, just Google for articles with JaMarcus and "no work ethic", "doesn't get it", etc., to find the reporters in question.

Are you disappointed that JaMarcus is not the 300 lbs. as was reported by you or your favorite reporter?  Are you disappointed that your heroes, Adam Schefter or Tim Kawakami are wrong again?

Did you cringe when you heard the reports that JaMarcus is throwing laser-shot, pin-point accurate passes in camp?  JaMarcus had a 67.8 completion percentage and a 167.03 QB rating at LSU. 

Did you hope he forgot how to throw?

You are blind and blame a young QB put in bad situa...

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