Jacoby Ford: Is He the Next Great Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver?

Just how good is Jacoby Ford?

Ford was born in Florida and attended Clemson University, where he was a track and football star.

Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders have a reputation for drafting fast athletes who aren't necessarily the best football players. Sure enough, during the 2010 NFL Draft, Ford was drafted in Round 4 and immediately given that label and dismissed as a "project."

However, closer inspection of Ford reveals this to be a sensational pick, as he could well turn into a prime-time player.

First, we know he is quick, but just how quick? He's certainly fast over 20 yards. Over 40 yards, he was the fastest person at last year's NFL Scouting Combine (4.27).

But then the afterburners kick in: He was the 2009 NCAA champion at 60 meters in a time of 6.52, which is just marginally outside of the meet record.

He also has a personal best of 10.01 for the 100m—no, this is not a misprint: 10.01! That is elite speed.

Bob Hayes is often considered the fastest man to play in the NFL and with good reason: He broke the world record in 1964 with a time of 10.04 over 100 meters, so Jacoby's time of 10.01 puts him up with the fastest guys ever to suit up.

I'd be interested to know if any NFL player has ever run an officially-timed quicker 100m.

So, we know he's quick, but can he play?

In 2009, Jacoby Ford and CJ Spiller set a new NCAA record for all-purpose yards. No duo in the history of college football had ever been as prolific as these two speedsters from Clemson.

Whilst Spiller received lots of attention and was the ninth overall pick, Ford slipped under the radar.

His draft bio had this to say:

Ford is an explosive receiver that has a lot of skills but is a bit on the undersized side. There were concerns about his hands as he likes to body catch a lot of balls but he showed pluck ability in the Senior...

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