Jacoby Ford and Others Will Help the Oakland Raiders Wake Up and Win

Many of us in Raider Nation are thinking positive thoughts about the Oakland Raiders. We are going to places like Home Depot to purchase supplies for our patios and decks to get ready for our tailgate parties in our backyards.

While shopping for a new barbecue pit and ceiling fan, a lady by the name of Becky helped me.

She didn't know she was helping a Raiders fan move forward in preparation for the 2011 season. When I finished my search for equipment it seemed like she followed me outside to the parking lot. She asked, "Have you looked at the moon. It is closer to the earth tonight than it has been in years." This happened a few months ago.

I looked up and saw the "supermoon" she spoke of. I wondered when was the last time this happened, that the moon in its elliptical orbit would be closer than usual to the earth.

Since there can be hidden messages in many things, I thought to myself, "Might I find a message embedded in this celestial incident." I found one, although it may seem to be a weak connection.

Many of us are focused on the recovery and resurgence of the Oakland Raiders as a leading team in the NFL. So, I did research on the year the moon was last recorded as being closer to earth than usual.

I found it was 18 years ago, in 1993, that this celestial incident last occurred. I then looked up what happened to the Oakland Raiders 18 years ago. I found in 1993, the Raiders had a 10-6 record and they went to the playoffs. They won their first, and lost their second playoff game that year.

Then I looked up the meaning of 18 from several perspectives. Since on the night I stood on my patio and stared at the large, bright moon, I also hung two "Hamsa" on a new ceiling fan, I remembered something special.

Those Hamsa have a chai symbol on them, and the number for chai is also 18. I thought, "Aren't these strange connections and coinciden...

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