Jack Del Rio Is the Oakland Raiders’ Most Important Addition of the Offseason

Who's more important to a team's success: the players or the coaches?

It's a common argument in sports that's unlikely to reach a conclusion anytime soon. Both sides have a good argument. There may never be a consensus. But one thing that both sides can agree on is that the players and coaches both play an important role, and one can't succeed without the other.

For the Oakland Raiders, there's been a dearth of talent on the field in recent years, and it's undeniable this fact has played a major role in the team's struggles. But what can't be ignored is that the same is true for the team's head coaches over this same period of time.

The Raiders didn't have the talent. They also didn't have the right leader.

Oakland drastically raised its talent level this offseason. But more importantly, the team finally brought in a head coach in Jack Del Rio who's capable of leading this once-proud franchise out of pro football purgatory and back to relevance and success.


Experience Matters

With all due respect to the men who have been head coach of the Raiders since 2007—Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, Hue Jackson, Dennis Allen and Tony Sparano—they weren't up to the task of leading this franchise back to success.

Each one of these coaches was in over his head while on the job. Not one of them was ready to be the long-term solution.

*at time of becoming Oakland's head coach

** includes one playoff game

The Raiders attempted to find a diamond in the rough, the new, young, hotshot head coach who could burst onto the scene and make a name for himself as a Raider. In other words, they were looking for their next Jon Gruden.

But lack of NFL head coaching experience proved to be an insurmountable issue.

The one exception was Sparano, who had previously been the head coach of the Miami...

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