It’s Déjà Vu. Al Davis Ready To Fire Cable; Raider Nation Says Please Don’t

Once again, as the Raiders lose another game, their seventh straight season with at least eleven losses, sources say Raiders owner and GM, Al Davis, is "Ready to fire Tom Cable."

Déjá vu anyone? Al Davis is going to fire a coach. Never seen that happen before. As a long follower and sufferer the past few years, anything that Davis does, is probably something you don't want. Especially this.

While he may not be the best coach in the NFL, Cable is the best coach we have had since John Gruden. Davis should have just paid Gruden that money, and we would probably be out of this mess.

Like I said before, firing Cable would be the absolute worst move we could make. And ESPN and others sports websites are reporting that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach would be a good fit.

No Mr. Davis, I beg you, do not hire Leach if you fire Cable. Frankly, I do not want to waste my time watching Leach set us back  three more years. Leach is a good coach, at the college level. Did you hear me Nick Saban? Did you hear me Lane Kiffin?

Like Cable said, without JaMarcus Russell as our quarterback, we are a playoff team. We took the Chargers to the brink of defeat that first game. If we held them another thirty seconds, we are 1-0 for the first time in I don't know how long. And we finally beat the Chargers for the first time in I don't how long.

With Russell as our starting quarterback, we were 2-7, with Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye, we were 3-4. 2-2 with Gradkowski. If Gradkowski starts at the beginning of the season and stays healthy, we are at least 8-8. And I am sure we could be at least 10-6.

Please Mr. Davis, do not fire Cable. Get rid of the dead-weight, and don't reach in the draft, please. Here's to a .500 2010.

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