Is Wide Receiver or Pass-Rusher a Bigger Need for Raiders After Free-Agent Haul?

Free agency is over. Maybe not technically, but all the top players are off the market, and signings have slowed to a crawl. Only a few stragglers remain of fringe-starter quality, who likely priced themselves out of the market early or have other serious flaws.

The Oakland Raiders signed 10 players, which is by far the most in the league. General manager Reggie McKenzie added starters, role players and backups, but it’s what he didn’t add that is the most notable.

He didn’t sign a wide receiver or a pass-rusher, crystallizing the Raiders’ two biggest needs. They will target both positions in the draft, but the bigger of the two needs might be what breaks a tie at No. 4 overall.

There are valid arguments on either side of the debate. Finding weapons for quarterback Derek Carr should be a priority, but so should figuring out how to get to the opposing quarterback more than 3.9 percent of the time. The reality is the Raiders must find help in both areas.


Wide Receiver

Many people forget about wide receiver Rod Streater, whom the team liked enough to give the second-round tender this offseason as a restricted free agent. Two years ago, Streater had 888 receiving yards while catching passes from Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin. He was hurt for most of last year, but he was probably the team’s best receiver.

Andre Holmes ended up being the team’s leading receiver in 2014, but as a restricted free agent, the Raiders chose to place the lowest tender on him. Since he was undrafted, the Raiders would get no compensation if he chose to sign elsewhere, although they could match the offer.

James Jones was a close second in receiving yardage last season, but he’ll be 31 next season. He’s never been anything more than a good No. 2 receiver, and preferably, he’s a No. 3 option.

For depth, the Raiders h...

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