Is Tom Cable The Next Great Raider Coach?

Is Tom Cable the next great Oakland Raiders head coach?

He just may be.

Raider Nation has ranted and raved over the draft this year and rightfully so. The influx of talent over the last couple seasons minus the quarterback bust has given Oakland fans reason to do so.

The Raiders have brought in talent before but with mixed results, going through superstars like Randy Moss without an improvement.

The losing continues and the players move on. Moss left Oakland and went on to break records in New England. 

So what went wrong for the Raiders? 

They didn't have the coaching that knew how to use the talent presented to them.

It could be argued that Moss didn't have a quarterback to get him the ball, but it was much more than that. Andrew Walter was a talented kid with a big arm, but he was shell-shocked in a dysfunctional offense.

Former head coach Art Shell hired Tom Walsh, man that ran a bed and breakfast for 10-plus years prior to his hiring, as offensive coordinator. The offense that he installed was both archaic and predictable. Modern NFL defenses laughed while destroying the constant seven step drops with two receivers running routes.

Shell brought in Hall of Fame offensive tackle Jackie Slater to coach the offensive line. But playing and teaching are two different things. Slater struggled, finding it hard to adapt to the modern game

Has anyone heard from him coaching on the NFL level again?

I haven't and there must be a reason for it.

Then there is defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. I actually thought he was good at first. But that changed. When asked about blitzing, Ryan once told defensive lineman Warren Sapp, "We can't do that around here."

We still don't know if Lane Kiffin can coach, but what transpired during his stay shows that he clearly can't be a Raider coach. Most coaches don't ...

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