Is This The Apocalypse? Sports Media Has Praised The Oakland Raiders

I recently read a blog that pointed out that ESPN and other mainstream outlets of the sports media are picking the Oakland Raiders as a strong dark horse team that can make the playoffs after being under .500.

I thought it was funny that the blogger would ask, "What are your thoughts on the way the media has so conveniently changed their opinion of the Raiders?"

As if the praise is all part of some brilliant scheme of reverse psychology that will make the Raiders over-confident and then blow it.  The Raiders can no longer claim to be persecuted by the sports media, and will suddenly get lost in the newly opened void.

Some at ESPN have called the Raiders a playoff contender.

Like many Raider fans, I do believe that the sports media has used Raider Nation as the "whipping boy" of the sports world.  People like to think that Raider fans are the worst in the world, and that by comparison, they aren't as bad.

At the same time, Al Davis enables the mud-slinging because he never responds to the rumors and derogatory comments. 

Until 2003, Davis didn't need to, because the Raiders would win, regardless.  Yet, the perpetual BS would undermine the confidence that employees of the Raiders would have in the organization.

The sports media kept slinging and Davis never tried to stop it.  Raider Nation gets mad at the sports media, while everyone else calls Davis, "crazy."

In my mind, the side you blame is just a matter of preference.  Raider Nation preferred to back our team, while the sports media preferred the drama (and sometimes egged it on).



Unlike many Raider fans, I don't believe that every facet of the sports media detests the Raiders and Al Davis. 

At times, it becomes profitable for the sports media to bash the Raiders, because the Raiders are hated by a large number of football fans;...

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