Is The Buzz in Oakland For Real or are The Fans and Players Just Buzzed?

It's that time of the year again for Oakland Raider fans. They just came off another 11 loss season, they added some new players and now they think they are back on track and going to the playoffs.

Sound familiar? Its happened every offseason the Raiders added players like Warren Sapp, Kerry Collins, Randy Moss, Daunte Culpepper, DeAngelo Hall, Gibril Wilson and Richard Seymour.

Every year that the Raiders lost 11 games or more, they followed up with an aggressive offseason, leading to 11 losses or more. 

Fool me once shame on you, fool me seven times shame on me and my mom.

In a recent live chat session on a fan asked Louis Murphy if there was a winning attitude in the locker room and if the team believe they'd be contenders. This was his answer.

"Hi Michael. There's a buzz going around the locker room. Everyone is upbeat and ready for the season. I think the buzz is a real buzz—it's not false enthusiasm." In my opinion, this offseason is very different than all the others. The Raiders made a positive impact in the draft with smart moves and followed that up by replacing JaMarcus Russell with Jason Campbell.

Hue Jackson was added and Coach Tom Cable was retained. These factors will  be the biggest reasons why the Raiders will be back in contention.

Come January, we will know if this Raiders offseason was different or not. Until then Raiders fans will believe the buzz and the rest of the world will believe Raider fans are buzzed once again.

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