Is Jason Campbell Wise and Strong Enough for Oakland Raiders to Win SB in 2011?

For many fans of the legendary Oakland Raiders, you still have to wonder: Is Jason Campbell the QB to lead the Oakland Raiders to the Superbowl in 2011? Does Jason Campbell have the skills, leadership qualities, and fire to keep the team running like a finely tuned machine? If you look back at the great ones like Ken Stabler, Tom Flores, Rich Gannon, Jeff Hostetler, Daryl Lamonica and lastly the infamous Todd Marinovich...kidding. Can you picture Campbell playing at the Gannon level? Maybe.

The Oakland Raiders are rebuilding the coaching staff by adding veteran players, for excample Steve Wiszneiwski and Greg Biekert, to coach the new players. The improvement should prove be immense. However, is QB Jason Campbell the best player to give the Raiders their best shot at the Superbowl? Does the team still need a top rated passer?

Jason Campbell began to look at ease in the pocket by seasons end. If he was matched against former QB JaMarcus Russell...well ..I am certain it would be a landslide vote for Campbell. Heck, I would have been pleased to have Jay Schroder over Russell.

One great quality about Jason Campbell is his professionalism and mannerism. At a time when the Raider fans "boooed" him of the field in a home opener against the St Louis Rams, Campbell remained silent and poised. He never complained about the QB position and simply let the season ride itself out. 

Campbell can possibly be a Superbowl quarterback if you consider that he wiped out the AFC West in 2010. He didn't complete that task alone either,  as RB Darren McFadden and the new Raiders rushing attack looked improved last season. Should the Raiders stay balanced offensively and defensively, Jason Campbell will perform better than last season. The team has an elite roster.

Jason Campbell is still new to Oakland and after he gets used to the various speeds of his receivers, he should be able to pick defenses apart. At present he d...

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