Is JaMarcus Russell a Victim of the Media Bias Against the Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland Raider organization knows it, the players know it, and even the fans know it: The media and the Raiders do not have the best relationship in the world.

Long-time Raiders principal owner Al Davis has a very, very small circle of trust, and does not let the media access anyone within that circle.

Davis has his team on lockdown when it comes to letting reports leak out about the Raiders, yet the media still tries to get in, and "reports" news from sources. A lot of the time those reports are so far off, you wonder how these guys can even call themselves reporters.

The media has a huge impact on how the public perceives people. A perfect example is politics. The most recent presidential election between President Obama and Senator John McCain was almost covered as much as a receiver lining up against Nnamdi Asomugha.

If you watched Fox News, McCain was portrayed as conservative man with moral values, who would protect our country from all evils, while Obama was depicted as a liberal, who was all talk, and had no idea how to protect the country.

However, if you tuned to CNN, President Obama was the young, smart man that gave the nation hope at a time of crisis, and had the right agenda to lead us out of this economic slump, while McCain was the war mongering old man, who wanted nothing but oil, and wanted the rich to get richer.

Both men had their separate agendas, and would have done well in office regardless of what either media station was saying.

The media has a huge influence on the people's opinions, even though the people don't actually know what is going on. Everyone has made their opinions on the health care bill, and depending on what news station you watch, your opinion is strong against it, or strong for it.

While I doubt anyone has read the 2,000-page bill, they still have an opinion based on how the media describes it.

Fox News was not for...

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