Is It Too Soon? – An Early Prediction of the Raiders 2011 Draft Class

This week marks the beginning of the Raiders training camp and also the week in which the Raiders have signed all of their rookies. Yet, as a football fanatic, I am already beginning to wonder which players the Raiders will draft next year. First off, I have to thank Walter Cherepinsky and his great site , for all the amazing information on the prospects and their projected rounds. This site is especially useful for diehard football fans around draft season, and I promise you will not find a site for the college prospects entering the draft that is better than this. This year the Raiders had one of the best drafts of any teams, and I feel this trend will continue in 2011. I will start with the Raiders second round pick (since the trade for Richard Seymour gave the Patriots our 2011 first round pick) and I will be assuming the Raiders will be drafting in the middle of the round (since experts are predicting a 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7 finish). The Raiders will stick to their philosophy of drafting leaders from their respective college teams who hate to lose and will bring that mentality to the Raiders. So without further adieu, the Raiders second round pick of 2011 is . . . Begin Slideshow


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