Is Ethan Lock’s Name Mud Because of JaMarcus Russell?

Rewind to 2007.

"With the number one pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select from LSU, JaMarcus Russell."

Those words started what can be considered one of the biggest all time draft busts in the history of the NFL. No player has ever walked away from a team with so much money for doing so little.

After years of lackadaisical and uninterested effort, JaMarcus got his walking papers from the Raiders (some might say not soon enough) and a nice parting gift of $3 million dollars, for being a contestant on the show.  

The architect of the scenario, however, remains quite behind the scenes.

Ethan Lock of the LMM (Lock Metz Malinovic) was the agent that put the deal together. He advised JaMarcus to hold out for training camp and into the first part of the season, and played a large part in what is now known as 'The Bust.'

Make no mistake about it—Russell back to the NFL (no matter what some pundits say) is like looking for the next Triple Crown winner.

It ain't gonna happen.  

He's got $39 million in the bank, terrible work habits, skills have fallen to the wayside and he's back to the battle of the waistline. We'll be looking for him on the Surreal Life quite soon.

But where does Lock sit in all of this?

A visit to the LMM website yields nothing.

You get an opening page and then require a password for 'Company Brochure,' nothing else. 

The name Ethan Lock does not even pull up a Wikipedia page. Apparently Lock (or his company) also represent current Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt, which has given us a rumour that Russell lands there.

Does representing JaMarcus Russell help or damage Lock's credibility? Do potential clients flock to him ("...look what he got for Jamarcus...") or do they run from him ("..look what happened with Jamarcus...")? Here again, th...

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