Is Al Davis Bull Headed, Somewhat Like Paul Westhead?

Paul Westhead probably doesn't care if the media calls him "bull headed." I just heard this tag on him a few minutes ago on television. I immediately thought that bull headed is probably what some people call Al Davis.

Maybe that's what it takes these days.

Why do I say this?

Well, Westhead is the only coach so far in history who has won championships in both the NBA and the WNBA. This man has turned both men and women into champions.

Another thing that made me think about Davis is that Westhead reportedly likes the "run and gun" game. He coaches his teams to move fast and to "tire out" the opponent.

He admitted in the telecast that his team may not always win the game, but the opponent will certainly remember his team and the fast, aggressive performance on the court.

Over the years I have seen and read that Davis loves speed. That is the "run."

He also has been known to go for the "deep threat" receivers who know how to get to the endzone. That is or was his "gun."

Most of all, it seems that some of the best coaches in football and other sports are the ones who are bull headed, strong and determined to have a winning team.

One thing we do know is that "wimps" don't make it in life or in sports. Strength, smarts and determination are qualities that separate the winners from the losers.

Are you a winner? If so, think about what it took to win whatever game you played. Did you stand strong and "hold your guns." Or, did you back down, and "scratch your head" like a clown?

It just makes sense to be a little "bull headed" when you have set a goal of getting at least two more Super Bowl victories when you are 80 years old.

A soft approach won't work when you know the clock is ticking and your time is running out.

For that matter, the clock is ticking on each of us. Whatever goals we have set, we need to be a...

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