Is Al Davis a Gifted Power Broker and User of Word Play?

All senior citizens are not senile. Some of them maintain their mental clarity and powerful intelligence until the end.

Al Davis may be in this category. Years ago, he was described as a man who "ruthlessly attempted to gain power."

What makes you think he has changed?

One example of the ability of Davis to outthink and outwit his opponent are his dealings with F. Wayne Valley (1914-1986). Research shows that Valley, a linebacker and fullback, was one of the original owners of the Oakland Raiders.

Valley was also a founding member of the American Football League.



Davis has been described as extremely competitive. It seems he is a man who does not like to share power.

Does Davis have power over the Oakland Raiders in 2010? Some say no.

Let's state a definition of power. It is defined as the ability to make things happen.

The dictionary says: capacity to do something; physical force or strength.


A Desire to win

One Raider fan said, "Al Davis has high expectations. He can't achieve those expectations unless he has a team that wants to win, too. His team has to have the desire to win, but all of them don't seem to care." If the Oakland Raiders desire and passion for excellence was as intense as Davis', we would see better results. Now, Davis has been known to exert great power in challenging situations. Years ago, he outwitted his partner, Valley, and took control of the franchise.
Davis understands the numbers and legal context Davis has been known for his ability to outsmart his opponent. Here is an example. Davis knew the numbers and the legal context of the partnership he was a part of in 1972. There were exactly three partners. He was clever enough to force Valley out of his role of managing general partner. Davis has held control of the Oakland Raiders until this day. I admit that...

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