Indianapolis Colts Head To Oakland To Battle the AFC West’s Most Ferocious Team

  QB Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts will head to the Oakland Raiders Coliseum to battle a team that is fighting for glory and honor. The Oakland Raiders have totally shocked AFC West rivals by defeating them one by one to maintain a perfect 5-0 record in the West.  Peyton Manning and his Colts will attempt to take the Oakland Raiders out of playoff contention this Sunday but they will fail. Raiders! Prepare for glory!

  In a turn around 2010 season, the Silver and Black attack of the Oakland Raiders has been phenomenal ! The Oakland Raiders defensive front has been able to pierce through opposing offenses  resulting in  QB sacks, safeties, and badly thrown passes..

  Can the Silver and Black attack break down the Indianapolis Colts like previous opponents? Lets look and see what the Oakland Raiders can expect from this worthy adversary.

  To begin with, the Colts have already defeated the Chiefs and the Broncos. They lost to the San Diego Chargers 36-14, making them 2-1 against the division.

   QB Peyton Manning has a 92.1 QB rating as he has thrown for 4173 yards and made 28 TDs'. The Indianapolis Colts roster is quite similar to the Silver and Black in that every player is solid.

  The Indianapolis Colts are currently 8-6 while the Raiders are 7-7 and still in the "hunt". Although the Colts have a decent team they are not the Oakland Raiders.

 The Silver and Black have much more at stake and when it comes to overall toughness, the Raiders may have the upper hand as the attack is led by Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly. Both have had an amazing season and led the charge to victories for the Silver and Black. Adding a little Matt Shaughnessy, Kamerion Wimbley and some Trevor Scott only adds to the taste.

  On the road, the Indianapolis Colts have lost five games and won only one. The Colts seem to have a tough time of...

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