In Search Of a New Madden , Al Davis Hires Hue Jackson To Coach Raiders In 2011

Its pretty obvious that the Oakland Raiders will never find another coaching great like former HOF, John Madden. Al Davis has dismissed Tom Cable and promoted Hue Jackson to head Coach making Hue the seventh coach to be hired in a decade. This strategy has so far been costly to the Silver and Black.

Many predicted that this would be the outcome for Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable and it appears that they were correct. Cable will not be the head coach for the Oakland Raiders as Al Davis will not pick up his contract. It would appear that Hue Jackson was brought into Oakland for the sole purpose of learning the team this season and then take over as the head coach in Oakland.

So what message does it send out to the Oakland Raiders players. This is typical Raider madness. You have a coach that accepted a position no one wanted. Tom Cable agrees to turn this team around and has success. Could it possibly have been the eight wins this season? The Oakland Raiders players made it known that they approved of what Tom Cable was doing but when it comes down to it, Al Davis has the final word.

Well, Raider Nation, here we go again. Tom Cable's removal means that the Oakland Raiders will have gone through six head coaches in a decade. The list alongside their win percentage goes like this: Jon Gruden .594, Bill Callahan .469, Norv Turner .281, Art Shell .125, Lane Kiffin .250, Tom Cable .386 and now Hue Jackson.

Cable had been doing a fine job and it seemed that since JaMarcus Russell's release the team improved greatly. It definitely had a lot to do with Cable's .386 stat. Cable was limited and still managed to get a few wins with the worst QB in NFL history.

Is owner Al Davis making a mistake this year? As he gets older is he rushing the team for another Super Bowl win before his time on earth is over? Would former great John Madden have lasted under Al Davis this past decade? The Oakland Raiders are on track to...

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