In Honor of Memorial Day: Al Davis’ Contributions to America

Memorial Day is around the corner. Many men and women have died serving their country. The purpose of their service is to protect and defend America and its people.

And, when the military protects and defends America it is also protecting and defending a sport and team, the Oakland Raiders, that we all love to cheer. 

While many of us spend hours participating in sports events, watching the Oakland Raiders and writing articles expressing our love for the team, how many of us take time to remember those who have been in the military?

Al Davis served in the U. S. Army. That is an honorable contribution to life in America. He has also made outstanding contributions to a sport that is at the center of American life.

We need to honor him for his contributions to the United States, both as a military man, and as a civilian. His contributions to the NFL are recognized in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Rather than urging Al Davis to move on, we need to honor a man who has been smart, courageous, loyal, and a model of what can be done in America.

I recently read that Al Davis helps former players with their medical bills. This is a man who has a love for his sport, his players, and for life.

He lives, I believe, by these words of wisdom: "To whom much is given, much is required."

Davis has been given much and he has earned a lot of respect over the many years he has lived. Davis, therefore, has the character "to share with others."

There are certainly more Oakland Raiders who served in the military or ROTC. It was not easy to make a list of them. Only one or two names came up when "military and Oakland Raiders" was searched on Google.

Nevertheless, the contributions of the athletes and cheerleaders who visit the military across the world and entertain them to give them relief are contributions which are worthy of recognition. We salute those who m...

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