In Defense of the Indefensible: JaMarcus Russell’s Future in Oakland

The quarterback controversy for the Oakland Raiders remains a hot topic amongst every Raider fan that bleeds silver and black.

JaMarcus Russell has all the tools, and yet Bruce Gradkowski has all the desire.

Going into the 2009 season, many Raiders fans and even the sports media believed that the Raiders had a chance to be competitive or at least give NFL and Raider fans alike something fun to watch.

Instead, we were subjected to more of the same anemic offense under JaMarcus Russell, until coach Tom Cable benched Russell in favor of Bruce Gradkowski.

In only a few starts, Gradkowski gave the sports world a reason to believe that the Raiders were close to contention and that coach Cable wasn't far fetched in claiming that the Raiders would be back to the postseason. 

The Raiders were no longer systemically dysfunctional, as has been the narrative since 2003.  And dare I say it that Al Davis could ultimately have the last laugh.


Elephants on Parade

Yet, the quarterback controversy in Oakland still lingers.  Russell is the elephant in the room that must be addressed.  All intentional puns aside, reality may have finally clicked in Russell's brain.

After taking much heat for being MIA at the first day of voluntary camp, Russell has showed-up in improved physical condition after being much maligned for weight problems. 

Going into the 2009 season, Russell was "ordained" as the Raiders' savior without much depth behind him at quarterback.

Until of course, the Raiders signed veteran Jeff Garcia, which started the press a-buzzin' that Garcia could eventually be the starter.  Press like that made me wonder if the press was merely sowing seeds of drama in Oakland, as the sports media seems to love doing in general, not just against the Raiders.

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