In Defense of JaMarcus Russell

I am sick and tired of the constant bashing of JaMarcus.
The bashers don't know the man outside of what they see and hear on TV yet are fast to make outrageous assumptions and indulge in character assassination.

Who the F*** are you to judge a young man's heart—especially if you don't know him?

My opinions of JaMarcus are so far to the other side of the spectrum that it pains me and completely boggles my mind to hear this constant garbage.

In my opinion, I see a young QB WHO HAS ALREADY displayed skills and made throws
that no other QB in the NFL can make.  I see toughness, heart, poise, leadership, and ice-water in his veins.  I see a young man literally getting killed out there because he does not have time to throw and coaches call long developing plays at the wrong time.  His receivers also drop balls, and there is no running game.

You, however, see what the National and local media and Refs have trained you to see.  You see what all those who hate Al Davis wants you to see.  These people hate AL Davis and the Raiders and wish upon all other wishes to see AL Davis's first round QB pick pack it up and go home. 

You repeat the garbage and false truths you have seen and hear in the media.
* JaMarcus has no work ethic
* Jamarcus does not want it enough
* JaMarcus is out of shape
* Jamarcus is inaccurate
* JaMarcus is regressing
* Etc. Etc. Etc.

You checked your objectiveness in at the door and have officially succumbed to the NFL Media Complex.

They have brain-washed you to root against your own Franchise QB and wish him ill will. The non-Raider Fans hate and fuel your fire by agreeing with you and making you feel more justified with your position.

I got news for you.  Not only are you wrong, you are brainwashed and dead wrong.

Boo your own team's Franchise QB and wish him to fail? ...

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