If Loving the Raiders Is Wrong, Raider Nation Doesn’t Wanna Be Right

Who cares about the haters? If loving the Oakland Raiders is wrong, then many in the Raider Nation don't "wanna" do right.

Let's take a look at how good the Oakland Raiders have been, are, and can be.

In 2009 we defeated the Steelers, and they have six Super Bowl trophies. That's a good thing. That supports how good the Oakland Raiders can be.

When you look at some of the NFL teams that are repeaters in terms of winning Super Bowls, we "ain't" that bad.

Look at the chart, giving a partial listing:

Team         No. of Super Bowls

Steelers      6

Dallas         5

Broncos       2

49ers          5

Chargers     0

Redskins     3

Patriots      3

Packers      3

Oakland     3


We see that the Steelers rank first, Dallas and the 49ers rank second, and the Oakland Raiders, the Patriots, Packers, Giants, and the Washington Redskins rank third. Each of these teams has won three Super Bowls.

The Colts, and Broncos tie, and each of those teams ranks fourth. These teams have won two Super Bowls.

The selected group for this article is nine teams who are repeaters in winning the Super Bowl.

So, if loving the Oakland Raiders is wrong, then some of the Raider Nation just don't want to do right!

That's how some of the old-timers like the one pictured in this article think.

Go Raiders!


Postlude:  Thanks to Dj for his help to correct the tally of data. I traveled on...

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