Hue Jackson: The Reason the Raiders Will Run to the Playoffs in 2011

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A source close to Hue Jackson has reported to the San Francisco Chronicle that Jackson will become the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

With the Raiders, Jackson turned a completely dismal offense into the 10th best offense in the league this season. Jackson is also the main reason why Darren McFadden shed his bust label and ran over opponents this year.

The Raiders, formally known as a vertical passing team, finally began running the ball and running through their opponents.

The Raiders finished second in the league in rushing with 155.9 yards per game as a testament to Jackson’s change in offensive philosophy. 

At season’s end, the Raiders scored 410 points, sixth in the league.  

It will be highly speculated what the team can do with another year behind Jackson. If they improve as much as they did their first year behind Jackson, then the Raiders are playoff bound and will be an offensive powerhouse, unstoppable in this NFL.

The choice of Hue Jackson could also help out the Raiders starting quarterback, Jason Campbell. Campbell has been in a different offensive system each year of his career and with some semblance of order, he might finally blossom to his full potential. He looked better towards the end of the season and with a full offseason under his belt with Jackson, Campbell could possibly lead the Raiders to a Super Bowl in the coming years.

Jackson is an offensive genius, and it is due in part to the fact he asks his players what they like to do, and then devises schemes and gameplans so the players will do what they feel comfortable with. This, in turn, causes him to truly be a players’ coach, a coach who the entire team will rally around.   

A question which remains about how much of the supporting staff will Jackson retain? Will Jackson bring in coordinators of his own, or will he k...

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