Hue Jackson out as Head Coach in Oakland; What Now for Palmer and the Raiders?

Reggie McKenzie announced his presence with authority in his first act as the Raiders GM by rendering Hue Jackson "one and done" as coach of the Oakland Raiders. The fact that both Jackson and McKenzie have the same agent apparently wasn't enough to save Jackson, whose Raiders stumbled to the finish line, losing four of their final five games and missing the playoffs yet again.

In fairness to Jackson, he may have deserved a better fate. Injuries to Jason Campbell, Darren McFadden and numerous others left Jackson scrambling all season to put the right lineup on the field to keep the Raiders competitive. In fact, that scrambling to win now may have been what led to Jackson's demise.

When Jason Campbell was injured against the Browns, Jackson's lack of faith in backup QB Kyle Boller led to him orchestrating the trade for Carson Palmer. Alas, a rusty Palmer wasn't the savior Jackson had hoped he would be.

So what now for the Raiders? With Jackson out, will Palmer even be back in a Raider uniform next year? The rumblings have already started of the Raiders making a play for Packers backup Matt Flynn.

In fact, it may seem like McKenzie is intent on turning Oakland into Green Bay West, with Winston Moss becoming head coach and others from the Green Bay organization rumored to be in line for jobs with the Raiders. Bringing in what they may consider the next best alternative for Aaron Rodgers would only make sense when it comes to the QB position.

However this turns out, and as a Raider fan I hope it turns out well, I'm not a fan of what's going on today. I would love to be wrong and hope the moves McKenzie makes turn out to be great for the organization, but this whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

McKenzie is highly regarded, but he has no track record when it comes to being the man any more than Hue Jackson does(did). The pieces are in place for this team to be great next season. J...

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