Hue Jackson: Oakland Raiders Have a Bright Color of Success

Good cooks often look at the color of a meat or vegetable to determine if it is fit for consumption. We expect Tom Cable and Hue Jackson to "cook up" success for the Oakland Raiders.

What will be the color of success brought to us by the coaching of Hue Jackson?

"Hue" means color. We expect that Hue will help Tom Cable bring back brighter days, and will help us see a pot of gold (success) at the end of the rainbow.

Let's take a journey back to the basics.

We need a fresh start with the Oakland Raiders, with a bright, rich color to it in 2010. Hue Jackson's addition to the Oakland Raiders will color our situation with a bright red. That red will symbolize that the Oakland Raiders are alive and well, and back in the saddle again! 

It will put our opponents on alert, letting them know we are getting ready to play some serious football.

Our opponents will see a red light, and they will know that our defense is going to bring them to a "full stop" at that red light.

It was twenty years ago that both Tom Cable and Hue Jackson were assistant coaches at the same college in California.

The fact that they worked together gives us an indication that the period of adjustment to each other's style is probably going to be short and sweet.

In other words, these men will get to know each other again, and will focus of improving the Oakland Raiders.

Again, may I remind you that "hue" means "color." So color the Oakland Raiders red, to send out an alert: our defense is going to hit fast and hard. Our offense is going to be quick and smart.

Color us yellow to indicate the warning that we are going to send out to our opponents, especially the Broncos, according to one "BR fella."

Color us black to indicate the elegance and agility we expect from the players who execute the plays that will be called by ...

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