Hue Jackson: Motivator, Teacher, Enforcer

This weekend’s mini-camp has a different feel to it for many reasons. It would be fair to say that this change of feel is due to the outstanding draft, free agency signings, and coaching additions that the Raiders have had.

Last year, the offense was less than stellar. Well, to put it straight, it was really bad at times. This weekend things have been a little different because of the new guy in charge.

Hue Jackson, the new offensive coordinator hired by the Raiders this offseason is doing what he does best: motivate, teach, and enforce.

Zack Miller said, “He definitely pushes everyone. He’s all about competition, he’s all about guys being fast out there and show what you can do and it’s showing out here on the field. We’re trying to keep a good tempo while still executing, not making mistakes.”

There is the motivator at work.

Charlie Frye said, “Everything we’re doing inside, he’s put in these three days. It’s on overload as far as guys being able to go out there and do it. It makes you think.”

Frye continued, “He’s very demanding and expects perfection on day one.”

When is the last time you can think of a coach expecting perfection on day one?

There is the teacher at work.

Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey said, “We’re a little bit more on edge. Hue has us being responsible for our actions on the field. We can’t mess up, and that’s good for everybody because we’re all accountable.”

There is the enforcer at work.

Coach Jackson is changing the way the offense will function, the way they think. He is pushing everyone to the next level and that is what he is known for.

Former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, who played for coach Jackson when he was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins in...

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