Hue Jackson Fired: Why Reggie McKenzie’s First Move as GM Will Rescue Raiders

It didn’t take very long for brand spankin’ new GM Reggie McKenzie to make a positive impact with the Oakland Raiders.

Just hours after taking over the reins, McKenzie fired head coach Hue Jackson as first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

While he did register a passionate speech or two (allowing too much access to media cameras), I think most Raider fans would agree Jackson was not the answer. Going 8-8 is a step in the wrong direction regardless of the injuries he dealt with. Oakland blew a golden opportunity to win a weak AFC West.

Replacing Jason Campbell with Carson Palmer is an upgrade, regardless of how prepared the former Bengal was. You can’t use that excuse. Palmer lost four of five games to end the season. That’s unacceptable.

More than anything else, McKenzie wants his guy. For all we know the former Director of Football Operations for the Green Bay Packers despised Jackson. While he has proven to be a terrific offensive coordinator in the past, his head coaching skills clearly didn’t win over the Raiders locker room. Look no further than the flat performance against the Chargers with a playoff berth on the line.

It was a risky move considering Jackson had just finished his first year as coach and was one game away from the playoffs, but give credit to McKenzie. He is sticking his neck out on the line already and is willing to deal with the repercussions.

For those Raider fans that are wondering who the heck this guy is…this isn’t his first time with the silver and black. McKenzie played from 1985-1988 back when they were in Los Angeles.

It’s a wild day for Raider fans. Not only do they get a GM for the first time in history, but their coach is gone as well. It’s a risk, but trust McKenzie. Trust his track record.

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