How Vince Young and Chris Johnson Could Be Co-MVPs for the Raiders

Quarterback Vince Young and running back Chris Johnson could very well be the co-MVPs for the Raiders next season.


Are the Raiders planning on trading for the pair?


The Raiders don't even have need for their positions.

Johnson is coming off of a 2,000 yard season and wants a big contract by any means necessary. Young has yet to see Roger Goodell after his involvement in a fight at a strip club.

It is very possible that neither one of the two even suit up for the Raiders Week One contest against the Titans. Young is a first time offender so he might play, but Johnson is a different case.

Johnson was the leading rusher in the NFL and doesn't make close to top running back money. This comes at a time that the NFL's collective bargaining situation remains unresolved.

But that's only one game.

How can they be the co-MVPs of the Raiders season?

There are two reasons to think so.

One: The Raiders are a young team with many new parts. Winning the first game can go miles toward giving them confidence and buying into the program.

Two: 83 percent of the teams that went to the playoffs last year won their first regular season game.

We all know that the Titans have their best chance to win with Young and Johnson. Johnson had the aforementioned 2,000 yard season. Young went 8-2 as the starter last season.

These two players have everything to do with if they win or lose. The thought of both of them being out of the line up is scary to Titan fans and it's possible.

This is what could make them the Raider's co-MVPs


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