How Much Control Does Al Davis Really Have Over the Oakland Raiders?

One of the most intriguing aspects of Raider Nation is their love/hate relationship with the Raiders owner Allen Davis. When the team has success Al is rarely brought up in conversation. Yet when they struggle, he is the evil dictator from hell.

At what point do the players and coaches become accountable? Raider Nation is so quick to turn on anyone the media points the finger at. If Jesus was playing QB for the Oakland Raiders, he'd be screwed if the media thought he wasn't performing.

The reality is none of us are really sure about who is pulling the strings in Raider Nation anymore. At least when Al was roaming the sidelines, we knew who was in charge.

Now they've got Herrera playing Smithers to his Mr. Burns, as well as a cadre of yes-men, including Tom Cable.

My main concern is the personnel decisions. It always seems like the Raiders' best players sit on the bench while players like Trevor Scott and Bruce Gradkowski struggle.

The idea that Trevor Scott is anywhere near as talented as Thomas Howard is preposterous and foolish. He is not a linebacker. He is a great pass rusher but in his vertical stance is useless against the run.

Who is making the decision to keep Bush and Higgins on the bench while players like Nick Miller tortures Raider fans who want to see a receiver who can catch?

People talk about how Al's perception of the game is outdated. I see it a different way. I feel as though the NFL has changed more than Al has. With all the money being made, the emphasis has switched to profitability, not on-field success.

Before you disrespect Al again, the creator of your team, consider the role of the NFL in the alteration of the Raiders as well

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