How Do the Raiders Fill the Second Cornerback Spot?

It's no surprise that the Raiders’ second cornerback spot is bullied by all of the Raiders' opponents.

Two years ago, Chris Johnson was thrown into the line-up and was able to play very well as a counterpart to the league's best cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Unfortunately, Johnson's game broke down last season and he was constantly picked on by opposing quarterbacks.

Looking at the rest of our cornerbacks, none of them really show the Raider Nation that they can play up to par. There's Stanford Routt, who has been terrible in pass coverage. Consistently, he allows his receiver to get past him for the catch. He has everything needed to be a great player, but so far, those skills have been wasted.

Do the Raiders look for someone that's a free agent? There was Dunta Robinson at the beginning of the free agency period, but Al Davis decided that he would pass up on Robinson, who eventually signed with Atlanta.

There's also Fabian Washington, a former first round pick for the Raiders. However, the speed demon was traded when he failed to meet expectations. The chances of Al Davis bringing him back are probably pretty slim.

They could look to draft a player to fill the need, though they have many other holes that are needed to be filled.

One player the Raiders should keep in mind come draft time is Joe Haden from Florida. Haden covers very well and has good speed, though he recorded slow times during the Combine. With or without the slow 40-times, he is still the best cornerback in the draft. The chances of Haden going to the Raiders is quite high, as six of the seven picks ahead of Oakland do not necessarily need a cornerback.

Another option is Eric Berry, arguably one of the top prospects of the league. There have been some rumors that both the Seahawks and Chiefs will pass on Eric Berry, which is very possible. Both teams need offensive linemen who can protect the quarterback. That l...

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