Houston Texans Hope of Playoff Berth Snuffed Out By Raiders’ JaMarcus Russell

I'm a Houston Texans—er Oliers—fan and have been since the days of Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Earl Campbell, and Dan Pastorini, and I'm a little miffed at Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable for his decision to take out starting QB Charlie Frye at halftime for JaMarcus Russell in yesterday's finale against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Texans roared back from a 14-point fourth quarter deficit to beat the New England Patriots by a touchdown yesterday, but failed to qualify for the post-season by  of Cable's shortsightedness leading to Oakland's eventual eight point loss to Baltimore.

Now I know that Houston has no one to blame but themselves for the predicament they put themselves in.  They shouldn't need help from another AFC team to ensure a playoff berth.

But, why did Cable, who apparently is about to be fired by owner Al Davis, take out a QB who a week ago, threw for over 300 yards for the first time in his career and in yesterday's finale against the Ravens had completed 72 percent of his passes in the first half (18-25-180) and, with no picks?

So he could bring in an overweight, underachieving, 2007 first-round selection in Russell, who would subsequently throw an interception leading to the insurance TD by the Ravens?

No wonder Davis is going to fire this Bozo. 

It seems the Raiders can't stand prosperity anymore.  Each time there is a glimmer of hope for members of Raider Nation, there's a decision from the sidelines or from upstairs that leaves many of the iron clad, sword carrying fanatics shaking their heads. 

It is being reported that Frye injured his back and ankle in the second quarter, but to this casual observer he looked well enough to take snaps.  And, Fyre is better on one leg, then the portly right-armed Russell who threw only three TDs this year and committed 17 turnovers in 2009.

Nice season Oilers—er Texans.  Maybe a play...

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