Honor The Seniors, Then an Answer To Our Plea, Oakland Raiders

It is so difficult, sometimes, to both honor a senior person, and then do what you believe is right for your own situation, career, or even the Oakland Raiders.

I am convinced that a balance is needed in order not to upset the apple cart in life.

I know this to be true because I have dealt with the situation and, to some extent, I am dealing with it now in my family life.

So many people have acidic criticisms of Al Davis. Some say he is out of touch, when, in fact, they have never touched anything near to his career or NFL experiences.

Somehow, someway, we in Raider Nation have got to find a balance. There has to be a place where we can honor the great things accomplished by the great men, like, for example, Al Davis, but adjust and adapt a style and philosophy for success which catapults the Oakland Raiders up the statistical charts, and into an arena of more honor.

Let's just say that some of us are from the old school. We were taught the first commandment of promise:

"Honor thy mother and thy father that thy days may be long upon the earth."

Let's adapt this promise to say:

Honor the NFL seniors and, in particular, Al Davis, so that the Oakland Raiders' playing days will ascend and return to a higher level of respectability and glory.

In fact, I propose that the Raider Nation suggest to the Oakland Raiders public relations or community relations department to set up an "NFL Forefather's and Father's Day."

This proposal is presented early enough for someone to take it and run with it. I am providing the vision; now someone else out there should pick it up and run with it, in the wisdom of Habakkuk 2:2 .

The only thing I ask as a Bleacher Report Senior Writer is that you invite several of us who are active on the Oakland Raiders' page of Bleacher Report.

You are probably thinking, "Is she ...

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