Historical Look at the Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders Since 1960: Close Calls

The Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills have faced off 37 times since 1960, with 19 wins going to the Raiders and 18 going to the Bills. Thus, the Bills have a chance to even this statistic when they play again in 2011.

Here is a partial list of data from recent years.


Date Result Attendance 09/21/2008 Buffalo Bills 24, Oakland Raiders 23 71,297 10/23/2005 Oakland Raiders 38, Buffalo Bills 17 42,779 09/19/2004 Oakland Raiders 13, Buffalo Bills 10 53,610 10/06/2002 Oakland Raiders 49, Buffalo Bills 31 73,038 10/17/1999 Oakland Raiders 20, Buffalo Bills 14 71,113 12/13/1998 Buffalo Bills 44, Oakland Raiders 21 62,002 Thus, Oakland has won four of the six listed games against the Bills since 1998. The spread of scores is fairly narrow in 1999, 2004, and 2008.

Some of us already expect that the Raiders should be able to defeat the Bills in 2011.

A few observations are made:

1.Since the Raiders hold a one-game advantage over the Bills since 1960, we challenge the Raiders to increase this difference to two by winning the second game of the regular season in 2011.

2. Since the Oakland Raiders have scored 820 points in their match-ups since 1960 in comparison with the Bills' 796, we conjecture that the Raiders have a slight advantage.

3. Oakland can make a little history by increasing the difference in total points to more than 24 which is the difference between 820 and 796.  In other words, we expect the Raiders to defeat the Bill and to score 24 points or more in 2011 to win the game, too.

In my opinion these are reasonable expectations. What do you think?

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