Have the Oakland Raiders Been Laden With a Seven-Year Itch For Victory?

Before you get excited, let me make clear the context of this article. Although the phrase "seven-year itch" has a medical connotation, in this article it makes reference to a time period of discomfort, and the failure to attain the goal of the Oakland Raiders which is a "commitment to excellence."

Over the past seven years the Oakland Raiders fell short of their "commitment to excellence," they have experienced a type of discomfort, an itch, so to speak. Now a scratch for that itch gave some comfort, but the true medication is the type of decision making the Oakland Raiders have been experiencing lately.

Some tough decisions had to be made. There must be a realization that the development of an excellent team requires the development of the character of the men on that team. As more covert problems rise to the surface, the need for character development may be more evident.

Some of us are not prone to get all up in folks "kool-aid," but maybe someone needs to ask some hard questions to the members of the Oakland Raiders. If these hard questions are asked and appropriate answers are given, then maybe, just maybe, the quality of the performance on the playing field will improve.

For example, if anybody knew that cough syrup was the reason for one of the former Oakland Raiders performance problems, couldn't someone have dealt with the issue before three years passed?

Are messages sometimes coded and are they, therefore, not discernible to some people?

Let's take a look at some strange connections which may help us unravel the images and messages presented before us. Yes, I studied a math course called "coding theory" and it has fashioned my thinking and analysis.

Take, for example, the name "Ice Cube." According to urban dictionary it means "crack." Now as you probably have read, the movie star named "Ice Cube" is a fan of the Oakland Raiders. Isn't i...

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